Please install the following packages to run all of the presented apps locally. A local installation is recommended for faster data processing, and also so that private data can be worked with locally. A local installation is also required if you plan to work with Geosoft .grd files (note: .grd file use only available to Windows users).

Step 1: Anaconda (Python)

(New Python users) Download Anaconda

  • Launch the installation

  • For new users, it is recommended to let Anaconda set the Environment Path


Step 2: GeoToolkit

  • Download Geotoolkit

  • Save the zipped file on your computer and extract the GeoToolkit folder.

  • Double+Click on the Install_Environment.bat file to launch the installation:


Full installation time \(\approx 15\) min.

Step 3: Run the notebooks

  • Open a Command Terminal (or ‘Open PowerShell Window’) in the Notebooks directory (Shift+RightClick) and enter:


Enter>> conda activate geotoolkit

Enter>> jupyter notebook


You will see the list of notebooks available similar to the image below. Just click on the one you wish to work with.

Once in a notebook, you can run cells with Shift+Enter.


Alternatively you can run the entire Notebook by selecting the Run All option from the Cell menu